Design & Construction Supervision for Expressway Stage I


Construction Supervision of the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) Chaloem Ratchamongkhon Line

Thai Engineering Consultants Company Limited (TEC) was founded in 1961 by a group of Thai engineers with the prime objective of serving Thailand in the area of engineering consultancy by utilizing the potential of available Thai personnel. Prior to its founding, there was no consulting firm of similar nature wholly owned and operated by Thai nationals. Thus TEC is regarded as the first Thai engineering consultant in the country.

The main principle of TEC is to provide engineering services of the best quality and adhering to the highest professional standards. By strictly observing this principle for more than 40 years, TEC was able to build up and maintain a very good reputation in reliability and gained trusts of both local and international Clients which include both public and private sectors.

TEC started out as a specialist in civil and structural engineering. TEC provides diverse but integrated range of engineering services. To name some are:

  • project feasibility study,
  • surveying,
  • geotechnical investigations and material testing,
  • architectural and engineering design, (from
  • conceptual to detailed design)
  • project management,
  • construction supervision,
  • etc.

TEC continues to expand its services and recently established a new department, Geographic Information System (GIS) which is responsible for geographic Database Management System, and supporting the utilization of SPOT 5 a high resolution satellite image for planning and engineering purposes.

With tremendous wealth of engineering experience and expertise, TEC is fully qualified to serve both public agencies and private corporations. The ability of TEC to provide a diverse combination of services facilitates TEC to undertake projects ranging from highways; at-grade and elevated roads including bridges and expressways; water supply, treatment and distribution; wastewater collection and treatment systems; drainage systems, various type of buildings, specialized structures such as lighthouses, breakwaters and wharves, ports and harbor works, industrial, commercial and residential developments; and land reclamation and site improvements.

Sukhaphibal Interchange, Outer Bangkok Ring Road (Eastern Portion)

Sukhaphibal Interchange, Outer Bangkok Ring Road (Eastern Portion)

Suvarnabhumi International Airport

Suvarnabhumi International Airport

The technical know-how of our engineers and planners has contributions in the development of Thailand’s engineering and construction industry. We apply our experience and expertise to develop, maintain and improve Thailand’s infrastructures and other ancillary structures. TEC will continue to be a part of Thailand’s growth. We will continue to invest on our resources to enhance the value of our resources and to further improve the value and quality of our services in order to sustain the Clients’ and Investors’ satisfaction, i.e. quality, time and cost values.



TEC is governed at the top level by the Board of Directors responsible for major policies of the firm. The administration is headed by the President assisted by Senior Vice Presidents and Vice Presidents. The Operation of the firm is divided into 2 categories, namely: Technical Operations and Non-Technical Operations.

Technical Operations consists of 3 Divisions namely:

  1. Planning and Business Development Division having 5 Departments:
    • Proposal & Project Development
    • Research & Development
    • Financial and Economic Analysis
    • Management Information System
    • Satellite Image & Software Development
  2. Operation Division having 11 Departments:
    • Highway, Expressway & Bridge
    • Insfrastructure, Airport, Mass Transit, Tunnel & Port
    • Civil Works
    • Structural
    • Architectural
    • Mechanical & Electrical
    • Foundation/Geotechnical
    • Environmental & Sanitary
    • Survey & Geographic Information System
    • Study & Planning (Feasibility, Traffic/Transport, Urban Planning & Environmental Assessment)
    • Quantity Survey & Cost Estimate
  3. Project Management Division having 3 Departments:
    • Quality Assurance / Quality Control
    • Project Management
    • Construction Supervision

Non-Technical Operations consists of 2 Departments namely:

  1. Administration
  2.  Finance & Accounting
Name Position
 Mr.Pongsak Dej-Udom Mr. Pongsak Dej-Udom President
 Pipat Photo  Mr. Pipat Ponla-in Senior Vice President, Operations